Chocolate Sundae - 0.2mm

Chocolate Sundae - 0.2mm
Chocolate Sundae - 0.2mm
Chocolate Sundae - 0.2mm
$6.00 AUD
This yummy deep chocolate coloured glitter is appropriately named, Chocolate Sundae. We think it looks like something you could sprinkle on top of milk or ice cream! But while you can't eat this gorgeous creation you can wear it!! Glitter Details
  • Cosmetic-grade Glitter - suitable for skin, nails, hair, candles, crafts and more!
  • Solvent Resistant


  • Apply Glitter Fix: Glitter adhesive to the area that you would like to cover with glitter, then using either a brush or your finger, apply the glitter over the adhesive area. Using a finer glitter first will give you a more intense glitter look, which can be highlighted with areas or ‘spots’ of chunky glitter or glitter shapes.
  • Consider mixing glitters together to create an intense look, or mix and match with other colours to create a unique blend just for you.
  • Use the chunkier stars as individual particles to draw attention to the inner corner of the eye, forehead or decolletage.
  • Mix your glitter with vaseline or moisturiser to create an instant body shimmer.

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