Dream Catcher Temporary Tattoo

Dream Catcher Temporary Tattoo
Dream Catcher Temporary Tattoo
$5.50 AUD
This LUXE metallic gold silver and black temporary tattoo collection is called Dream Catcher, and features 13 different symbols to embellish your look. Perfect for festivals, clubbing or just a day out with friends, our tattoos are a modern interpretation of jewelry, giving you the sparkle of gold without being weighed down by real jewelry. If treated carefully, tattoo will last  several days.

How to apply:

  1. Ensure your skin is clean, dry and free of lotions or creams
  2. Select skin area for tattoo, ensure it's not stretched or twisted, and is preferably hairless
  3. Carefully and accurately cut out the preferred area of your tattoo - as close to the design as possible
  4. Remove the protective clear sheet
  5. Hold a wet sponge against the backing paper making sure the entire tattoo is covered
  6. Wait 30 seconds
  7. Gently slide the backing paper aside leaving your beautiful tattoo in place
  8. Wait a few minutes
  9. Rinse the tattoo gently to remove excess glue
  10. Allow the area to dry without moving or stretching the area.
  11. Take a photo and tag us!

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