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Party Popper - 0.2mm

Party Popper - 0.2mm


Party Popper Glitter is a bright citrus orange glitter with an opaque, matte 0.2mm particle. This gorgeous orange glitter is fresh and vibrant and could be partnered with other glitters to create a neon design. 


  • 0.2mm particle size
  • Cosmetic grade 
  • Solvent Resistant
  • Custom blend
  • This glitter is suitable for use on nails, in makeup, resin, and most other glitter crafts and projects. 
  • For use on skin, apply our Glitter Fix Cosmetic Adhesive to the area that you would like to cover with glitter, then using either a brush or your finger, gently pat the glitter over the adhesive.


  • Glitter is a challenging product to photograph, however, we make every effort to ensure our glitter images represent as close to what we are seeing in person as possible. The appearance of each glitter will look slightly different on each screen.
  • Please be cautious if you are using glitter around the eye area.
  • All pots are filled by volume. Bags are filled by weight.


Proudly Australian Owned


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