Whether your workspace is a simple desk or an entire room, the arrival of Spring may be a great time to pay some extra attention to it.

Having that fresh, clean and decluttered space to work in can do wonders for your mood and your productivity levels.


Here are my top four spring cleaning tips to get you organized and energized!


Clear the Clutter

Before you even start to clean, it’s important to clear the clutter. Clutter makes it hard to stay organised and can have you feeling bogged down.

Throw out anything you don’t need or that doesn’t work, such as old pens and highlighters. If some things just look tired, it might be time to update!

As you work to declutter your space, you may find a lack of storage is a problem. Invest in a drawer organiser or some additional shelving so everything has its own place.

A great way to save on space is to scan and save your documents and receipts to your computer. Not only does this free up valuable desk space, but it also makes tax time super simple.

Another handy tip is to have some labelled and well organised folders for the paperwork you do need to keep.


Do Away with the Dirt

The next step is to remove everything from your desk so that you can give it a good clean.

Start with dusting the area, then use a sanitizing solution to wipe over everything.

As you place the items back on your desk, be sure to do it in an organised manner and clean everything as you go.

It’s amazing how much dirt, dust, and junk can build up on the floors, especially if your office is a crowded space. This is the perfect opportunity to give the floor a good clean too.


Soothe the Senses

My guess is that you want to work in a space that makes you feel good and you enjoy being in.

Think about sight, smell and sound.

Sight - If you don’t have a window or much of a view, you might consider adding some flowers or a piece of art. Another option is to find a favourite personal photo and have it printed as a canvas.

Smell – Having a beautiful smelling space to work in can be really enjoyable. There are loads of ways you can add this to your workspace. Think about candles, wax melts and essential oils.

Sound – The right sounds can create a super calming workspace. Depending on your location, you may be able to enjoy the sound of a wind chime or nature.

If not, some peaceful background music might be what you need.


Let the Light in

Now that you have cleaned up your workspace, it may also be an opportunity to think about adding more natural light and fresh air in. Open up windows and blinds or think about adding some additional lamps.

Having windows open in Spring can also be helpful in regulating a comfortable temperature.



Follow these tips to ensure your office is fresh and clean and your mind is clear as we head towards the end of the year.

Let me know if you found these tips helpful!



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