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Samples are $1.50 (inc GST) each.

You will receive approximately 1/4 of a teaspoon of the glitter of your choice. If you require a larger quantity to test with your chosen application, our 5x5cm bags can be purchased from any of the product pages.

Please complete the form below and your glitter samples will be shipped to you immediately with standard post (no tracking).

  • In instances where your nominated glitter is out of stock or a sample size is unavailable due to the glitters being discontinued, the closest available substitute will be sent instead. If we do not have a similar sample available, we will refund the sample amount. 
  • The number of glitter samples is limited to 10 per package. And only 1 sample of each glitter is available.

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112 reviews

Beautiful product


Hard to find this unique colour anywhere else and is the perfect decoration to a simple nail set!!

Sweet Iris Bioglitter

I love the colour and the fact it is so easy to use

THIA IS MY FAVOURITE OF ALL TIME! . The bags are packed FULL of glitter and they don’t bleed when encapsulated in acrylic 😍 LOVE

Not yet been able to use but it is 😍 beautiful!