Make glitter bath bombs


Bath bombs are a lovely addition to a relaxing evening soaking in the bath listening to your favourite tunes or reading a good book. However you like to wind down in the bath, having your favourite scented, fizzy bath bomb dissolve into the water always makes for a relaxing chill-out session. Bath bombs are also the perfect gift, but they don’t come cheap! So, we’ve put together some top tips to point you in the right direction when making your own.

Tip #1. Use Biodegradable Glitter:

Glittery bath bombs add a little luxury and sparkle to your bath and can easily be made at home for perfect results. However, getting your choice of glitter right is essential, as the wrong one could irritate your skin or even cause an allergic reaction. Always use skin-safe, biodegradable glitter that’s designed for use in soap and bath products. EnviroGlitter is an Australian-owned range of environmentally-friendly biodegradable glitter that is perfect for bath bombs, makeup and other crafts. What’s more, because it biodegrades it’s good for our waterways and marine life. Enviro Glitter is not only cosmetic-grade and safe for your skin, but will ensure you avoid any drainage problems.  Cosmetic-grade glitters are another option, and because they’ve been around longer, will give you a larger range of glitter to choose from.


Tip #2. Sieve Your Dry Ingredients:

When making bath bombs, the main two dry ingredients you’ll need are baking soda and citric acid, and they need to be as smooth as possible. You can add other dry ingredients into the mix to prevent reactions, such as corn starch or kaolin clay, but never use more than half the weight of the citric acid. Sieve them altogether well to get rid of lumps and bumps. Then, mix well with your wet ingredients and pour into silicone molds.


Tip #3. Use Essential Oils:

If you want to prevent your bath bombs from hardening and ensure they can be enjoyed for as long as possible, adding essential oils into the mix is a wise idea. Citrus essential oils in particular, such as lemon or orange, are especially good for this purpose and add a lovely clean smell to your bath bomb.


Tip #4. Use Water Soluble Colourants:

Lastly, adding pretty, funky or earthy colours to your bath bombs can make the whole experience of using them even more enjoyable. However, be careful to choose a water-soluble colourant that’s specially designed to be used in bath products. Like the glitter, your colourant must be safe to use on skin. Organic, chemical-free colourants are the safest choice. Making your own bath bombs can be a cheaper, fun alternative to purchasing them.   DID THESE TIPS HELP? WE’D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! REACH OUT TO US ON FACEBOOK OR INSTAGRAM. WE’D LOVE TO SEE YOUR PICTURES AND ARE HAPPY TO SHARE IF YOU TAG US. Article written by Glitter Haven. We are Australia’s largest online glitter retailer, specialising in biodegradable, cosmetic-grade and solvent resistant body glitters for festivals, parties, nailart and more. Not in Australia? Don’t worry, we ship internationally. View our range of more than 700 glitters online now at


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