Body glitter is finally coming back around as a popular makeup trend, however, it’s one of the trickiest looks out there to pull off. Whilst it’s all everyone’s talking about at festivals, gigs, and even on nights out, one wrong move with body glitter and your whole look could become a disaster. But, when you get it right, glitter makeup isn’t just for the festive season – there are tons of ideas that you can use to bling up your look with body glitter all year around. Here are some of our top tips on doing just that!


Glitter Makeup Tip #1. Opt for Subtle Glitter:

When it comes to perfecting your glitter makeup look, less is usually more. Opting for a subtle dash of glitter is one of the safest options out there with body glitter, and is bound to give you the sparkle that you desire without being too overpowering or overdoing things. For example, choose a glitter shadow that is close to your skin tone, perhaps with a few dashes of pastel glitter colours, such as Glitter Haven’s Gold Glitters.


Glitter Makeup Tip #2. Try Sparkly Liner:

If you’re getting tired of the same old winged eyeliner, then opting for the same look but with a glittery makeover can be a great way to add some simple bling to your appearance. The good news is that winged eyeliner never seems to go out of style, so playing around with the shade and sparkle can only be a good thing! The best option for pairing eyeshadow with glittery liner is to choose a contrasting matte shade.


Glitter Makeup Tip #3. Shimmering Smoky Eye:

If you’re preparing your look for a big occasion, then a smoky eye could be your go-to dressed-up look. Adding some shimmer and shine to your smoky eye can be a great way to complete your look; it’s up to you whether you want to use glitter shadows for the whole thing or simply add a slight bit of glitz to the corners of your eyes, using a fixing product such as Glitter Fix glue.


Glitter Makeup Tip #4. Use Quality Products:

Lastly, before you use body glitter or glitter makeup on yourself, it’s vital to ensure that you have chosen high quality and reputable products. Not doing so could put you at risk of a skin reaction, especially if you are using glitter on sensitive areas such as around the eyes. Make sure any glitter that is going on or near your face is of a cosmetic-grade, as a scratched retina can lead to permanent blindness.

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