Particle Size Comparison

One of the best things about Glitter Haven's amazing glittery goodness, is that it comes in soooo many shapes and sizes - 0.1mm?  2mm? 6mm?  stars? hearts? butterfly? 3d? You want it, we have it.

Of course, this brings with it its own challenges. How do you know what shape is going to suit what you need? You could buy everything (highly recommended 😂 ), or you could have a look at this shape guide. 

All particle sizes and shapes are shown in a single colour, compared to each other to help you in choosing which glitter will best suit your needs.

NB: Glitter Haven does not stock every colour of glitter in every shape. Please refer to each product page for the shapes it is available in.

You can also see our Particle Size Groups and our Particle Shapes

17 semi-circle swatches of different sized glitters