Sea Breeze

Sea Breeze
Sea Breeze
$6.00 AUD
Sea Breeze is a lovely pale teal blue (similar to Refreshing and Capri but slightly lighter in colour). Its super chunky 3mm particles can be used individually for highlights or en mass as a fill colour with lots of texture and interest. Glitter Details
  • Particle Size: 3mm
  • Available in 4g, 20g & 100g bags
  • Cosmetic-grade Glitter
  • Solvent Resistant


  • Apply Glitter Fix: Glitter adhesive to the area that you would like to cover with glitter, then using either a brush or your finger, apply the glitter over the adhesive area. Using the finer glitter first will give you a more intense glitter look, which can be highlighted with areas or ‘spots’ of chunky glitter.
  • Consider mixing blue glitters together to create an intense blue look, or mix and match with other colours to create a unique blend just for you.
  • Use the chunkier glitter as individual particles to draw attention to the inner corner of the eye, forehead or decolletage.
  • Mix your ultrafine glitter with vaseline or moisturiser to create an instant body shimmer.

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